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Giuliani will stack the courts to Pat Robertson's satisfaction

Reported by Chrish - January 17, 2008 -

Pat Robertson, who publicly endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president last fall, appeared on FOX and Friends to talk up his candidate this morning 1/17/08. Explaining why he supports Giuliani, he casually made mention that he expects Giuliani to make court appointments to his liking.
With video.

Robertson predicts that 2008 will be a year of recession and world-wide violence (duh) and thinks Rudy is the one best suited to lead us through it. His strategy of banking on transplanted New Yorkers, Jews, ("he's very strong on Israel" was the coded phrasing) and Hispanics in Florida has him in the lead there, but by a slim margin.

Robertson supported Huckabee for governor of Arkansas, but Giuliani would be best suited for the job because he has experience in

"handling a complex organization." He said Giuliani also "has experience in the Justice Department; he knows about judges. He's got a good fix on who we want to put in."

So there we have it - Robertson is throwing his considerable support behind Giuliani because Giuliani understands "who we want to put in" the judicial system. Separation of church and state just doesn't mean anything to these righteous preachy people - and he gets a national platform on FOX to promote it.