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FOX presents pointers from Rove to criticize Democratic frontrunners, no balancing talking points about Republicans

Reported by Chrish - January 17, 2008 -

Karl Rove's departure from the White House only meant he was getting out of the public eye to operate behind the scenes of the Republican election machine. He appeared at the Republican National Committee Winter Meeting in D.C. yesterday and clips were shown on FOX and Friends this morning 1/17/08.

Rove made some succinct talking points to be used against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (inexperience, spending, respectively) That, said Steve Doocy, was the Democrat side; on the Republican side, they had a clip of Mike Huckabee on Morning Joe on MSNBC making a wince-inducing confession about his college days.

The disparity was glaring - tips on defeating Democrats vs. an anecdote about one of the Republican candidates; policy negatives vs. stupid college tale. Fair and balanced, bah!