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Cavuto: Bill Clinton Has "Norman Bates' Eyes"

Reported by Melanie - January 17, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto's Hillary-bashing segment today (January 17, 2008) featured a psychologist critiquing this video of Bill Clinton. Clinton was responding to a reporter who asked him about a lawsuit filed in Nevada by Clinton-backers who were trying to, "shut down nine Democratic caucus sites to be held next Saturday in casino halls along Las Vegas's famed 'Strip', arguing that those sites give unfair advantage to union workers who are backing Sen. Barack Obama."

The segment was full of commentary on Cavuto's part, but this was the money quote:

I always look at people's eyes. I love looking at people's eyes. And, let's say I'm the reporter -- and Chris Wallace handled this beautifully -- I would have just folded like a cheap suit myself. But, you're lookin' in the eyes, right? And those are kind of Norman Bates' eyes goin' on there. And I would just be really, like, wow, wow, wow, because this is a former president of the United States -- widely revered figure and he is jumpin' ugly and nasty with me. Um, is he taking advantage of a powerful position or just a nasty guy?

Comment: Close your eyes and squeeze them tight. Can you imagine Cavuto ever, ever saying something like this about a former Republican president, or a potential one, like Willard "Mitt" Romney who also got into a spat with a reporter today? And besides -- basic-bottom-line -- Cavuto is supposedly a "journalist" and a "news" anchor. He isn't supposed to editorialize. Then again, when and if Fox gets around to coming clean about how Cavuto's show isn't about business news, they might want to clarify further and say it's nothing more than a talk show.