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Neil Cavuto and "Fox Means Business!" Yeah, Right

Reported by Melanie - January 16, 2008 -

Fox claims that Your World w/Neil Cavuto is its "premiere business news" show and that, "Fox means business!"

Here's a clip of the "business news" Cavuto covered today (January 16, 2008) on Your World:

Comment: During today's show, Cavuto aired a full segment with Peggy Noonan (of the Wall Street Journal) asking whether America wants a CEO (Romney) in the White House. Noonan said Romney is a "happy, sunny individual. He kind of radiates it," so maybe.

He had time to interview Fred Thompson and Ed Rollins (Mike Huckabee's campaign manager).

He had time to air two segments dissing Hillary Clinton for the comment she made during last night's Nevada debate about it being "pathetic" that George Bush resorted to begged the Saudis to reduce the price of oil the other day.

But as for "business news?" You just saw all 14 seconds of it.

When is Fox going to come clean and admit that Your World is just another one of its propaganda shows (the Communists had Pravda, the Republicans have Fox) and that "business news" is the farthest thing from its mind?