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Fighting Republicans And Going After Keith Olbermann On Fox & Friends

Reported by Donna - January 16, 2008 -

I usually monitor Fox & Friends from 6 - 8 a.m., but the sleep bug caught me and I didn't start taping until 10 minutes after 6, but unless a Democrat was on in the first 10 minutes, Fox and Friends was about Republicans. Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson were on and it seemed the Fox and Friends crew seemed to enjoy the fight going on between them.

Is there a reason for them continuing speaking about this? I'm not sure, we report, you decide.

Then Brian Kilmeade started talking about Rudy Giuliani getting into the race when it comes to Florida. Kilmeade asked people to hurry up, "get those absentee votes in" in Florida. I guess Kilmeade thinks that Giuliani is the one.

They also spoke about the incident in Iran and how this has happened several times before in this area and it's been a joke. (With the speed boats and war ships) (Comment: Oh, I see, it could be a joke but the threat of terror was there last week and they kept this brief so many people may not have caught it).

Then they started on Keith Olbermann. Kilmeade said, "Talking about the truth according to Keith Olbermann over on MSNBC is he runs things. He esentially runs the news department and I wonder how that makes other people feel with thicker resumes and bigger salaries."

On the sreen it read:


Keith Runs MSNBC

"Because of his sucess, he's in charge, Chris Matthews is infuriated by it."

Senior Executive, MSNBC

Then they put head shots of all the people who work for him, Brian Williams, Chris Mathews and others and said that Matthews was furious.

Doocy said, "Here's the thing, they call it a news show, it's a commentary show." Behind him you could hear Carlson say, "It's an opinion show." Doocy said, "How they get away with that, I don't know. (Comment: I couldn't stop laughing)

Then they posted an alleged quote of Keith's that said, "The leading terrorist group in this country right now is the Republican Party." Coundown Dec 18, 2006

Keith made another quote about the president but Carlson said, "Should we be concerned with the next quote?"

It read: "Fox New is worse than Al Qaeda - worse for our society."

Carlson said there are milliions of people out there who would disagree with that.

Doocy said it was amazing that MSNBC had a partisan sitting in the chair and he was running the network.

Comments: I'm not sure what's behind the Thompson/Huckabee clash except that Fox may be promoting them to knock each other off? Then maybe that would be just in time for Kilmeade's Giuliani?

But it's hilarious the way they talked about Keith Olbermann. I was laughing out loud at them calling his show a commentary show when every Fox show is a commentary show. And Brian Kilmeade actually lied in his quote at the beginning of the Olbermann segment when he said, "Talking about the truth according to Keith Olbermann over on MSNBC is he runs things." It's not Keith who said this, it was an anonymous source they called an MSNBC executive.

Oh, Fox and Friends, you are always good for a few laughs every morning!