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Studio B Speaks Mostly About Missing Marine Wanted In Death Of Pregnant Marine But We Did Get A Little Politics

Reported by Donna - January 15, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they spent practically most of the show speaking about the missing Marine who is a suspect in the death of a Marine who was pregnant.

But they did manage to get in a tiny bit of politics with Fox having the Republican Primary tonight (which we will have a Live Chat on at 8 p,m. est and the Democratic Debate is on MSNBC at 9) and of course, Bill Clinton.

Smith said that this is a must win for Mitt Romney and he hasn't had a real win yet. McCain is laid back and said wins are important but didn't show a lot of excitement. Then they showed a picture of Mitt Romney sitting down for a talk with an unemployed single mother of two who, it turns out, has a son who works for Romney. They couldn't decide whether this would hurt him or not. Of course the panel which is 2 to 1 Republican said it was no big deal.

There was some talk about the Democratic caucus in Nevada where you'll be able to caucus at several casinos. Smith said a group said it gives an unfair advantage to the casino workers and an unfair disadvantage to the actual caucus workers.

They said that Wayne State is upset because there is no place to vote on campus. Ryan Cost from Palestro.com said that Michigan and Michigan State are bigger but Wayne State is a huge college with 33,000 students and should have a place to vote on campus.

They then talked about Bill Clinton being on Al Sharpton's radio show. They had their three people on the panel (of course it was 2 to 1 with the Republicans having the 2) Debbie Dingell, the only Democrat said it's all blown over about what Bill Clinton said (which it has). Patricia Murphy from CitizenJanePolitics.com said it was scripted and Andrea Tantoaros GOP Strategist said that Hillary was speaking out of two mouths, hers and her husbands. She said damage had been done to Democrats.

Comments: So, this is what happened on Studio B, as I said previously, the main story was the missing Marine suspected of killing another Marine who was pregnant. Except for the mention of Mitt Romney sitting down to talk to an unemployed single mother of two, one of the sons worked for Mitt Romney, made a very slight brou-ha-ha.

But the real put down was on Bill Clinton (who isn't even running). The truth is it has pretty much blown over already. The Republicans would like it to go on and on, but I think the Democrats will stay more united as they go on and try to win the nomination. And Fox should dig deeper into the story. I heard on CNN yesterday that Bill Clinton was talking and said that Hillary had over 80 attacks over the last few months and enough was enough.

Why is their political panel on Studio B usually 2 to 1 (or 3 - 1 if you count Smith)? And what's the special interest in Bill Clinton? I don't hear it about the other candidates wives.