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Rigging polls new national pastime

Reported by Chrish - January 15, 2008 -

A recent meme promoted on FOX and elsewhere is that polls are virtually useless anymore, yet they continue to cite different ones multiple times an hour in the hopes of maintaining excitement and a sense of competition in the presidential election. But as we know something went wrong in New Hampshire so all this poll-based speculation is a waste of air. So too a recent poll on Billoreilly.com, at least according to O'Reilly 1/14/08.

Amended 1/15/08, below

The question was "Was I right to remove the guy who was blocking the Factor's shot of Senator Obama?" 57% said yes; 43% said no.

Apparently dissatisfied with the results of the unscientific poll he alleged that "the total included thousands of farleft loons who were 'instructed' by websites to weigh in. We know how that goes but as usual it didn't matter."

This accusation allows him to blame the less than overwhelmingly supportive results on the boogeymen of the left while portraying them as obedient to their website masters.

All I found were mentions of the poll or even just a link, if you're interested. One link was in comment number 175 out of 180, so five people saw the link there.

But if we're talking about poll fixing, let's talk about the goosesteppers over at Neal Boortz' place. Discovering during his daily self-googling that he was a contender in the all-important News Hounds Most Outrageous Quote of the Year 2007 Semi-Finals, Boortz sicced his rabid pack on us and pooped all over our poll.

So here's a new poll:

What's funnier?

Option A: Neal Boortz is so insecure he had to send followers over here so he could win this silly poll.

Option B: They did it, en masse.

Amend 1/15/08: This morning's ego-stroking led Boortz to this poll, which he did NOT share with his followers. But he did throw the N-word around, telling them that I was calling them Nazis. If they'd bother to come over and see on their own (which is doubtful since Neal didn't tell them to) they'd see I used a perfectly legitimate English word to describe their behavior, and taking the doggie thing a step further (which we are wont to do here) referring to them as a rabid pack.

These big-mouth right-wingers are soooo thin-skinned!