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Kilmeade remarks on presidential power

Reported by Chrish - January 15, 2008 -

It's hard to tell sometimes if Brian Kilmeade is joking or not - he is not the brightest crayon in the box - but he is master of the inadvertant truth on FOX and Friends. This morning 1/15/08 he made an off the cuff comment that sent chills up this Constitution-lovin' spine.

The context was all joking. A voice over of John McCain said, as the Friends got re-seated at the top of the hour, "Thanks, I'm glad to be back with you jerks" (from an interview January 4th) and then, from this morning's interview, "I will call you great Americans this morning,". He was joking about that first one, Gretchen Carlson hoped, and both times, probably.

"We hope, 'cause, he's president, he could imprison us," joked back Kilmeade. "Or order a cruise missile strike on our homes," added Doocy.

All joking, banter, hahaha. Got it. Ridiculous stuff.

But what has happened to our country that we even entertain the idea, unthinkable 7 years ago, that the President can independently imprison a citizen? Why is that a joking matter? It's an outrage, it's un-American, it's a crisis, and most people don't care. Hahaha.