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Dick Morris: Clintons Deliberately Provoking White Backlash Against Obama

Reported by Ellen - January 15, 2008 -

If I were Dick Morris, I'd tone down the anti-Clinton rhetoric just a notch or two because if Hillary doesn't win the nomination what will he do? Surely, his stock at FOX News would sink faster than you can say "Bernard Kerik" if the Clintons are out of the spotlight. Instead, Morris seems to be vying with himself to come up with ever-more outlandish accusations to brandish against the Clintons. In his latest appearance on Hannity & Colmes (1/14/08), Morris asserted that the Clintons are deliberately trying to create a racial divide in order to turn whites against Barack Obama. With video.

Morris insisted that the Clintons are not racists, but "They use race to win elections, just like they're not sexists but they'll use other people's affairs to try to win the election."

Morris later told an unquestioning Sean Hannity, "They know that to win, they need to provoke a white backlash and the way to do that is to persuade people that Obama is trying to elected based on race," Morris said. "I think that the whole point here is that the Clintons are deliberately orchestrating a campaign to polarize over race. And they're willing to risk losing some of the black vote in the general election in order to get a white backlash to elect them in the primary."

By the way, almost every white person I know is supporting Obama.