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Gold Soars, the Dollar Crashes, but Fox is Mum on All That Silly Stuff

Reported by Melanie - January 14, 2008 -

This afternoon (January 14, 2008) Neil Cavuto, the anchor of Fox's "premiere business news" show, aired a brief segment on what he said was a "turnaround" in "the markets" -- the Dow was up 171.85 points. But unlike "the (liberal) media" which, according to Cavuto, reports "only the bad news because they want to see George Bush fail," he didn't say anything about the crashing dollar, about oil going up due to increased tensions over Nigeria and Iran, or gold reaching a record high. And he didn't say anything about grain prices surging, meaning that the cost of groceries, including meat, could surge in price too.

Comment: So if you wake up one morning and you can't afford to buy cereal, or bacon, or gas to get to work to earn a worthless dollar, tune in to Cavuto. By the time things get really bad around here, I'm sure that between he and the White House, someone will have figured out who to blame, but you can be sure it won't be George W. Bush or the Republicans.