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Brent Bozell accuses NBC of endorsing Barack Obama

Reported by Chrish - January 14, 2008 -

Right-wing media critic Brent Bozell of the right-wing Media Research Center was the sole guest on FOX and Friends 1/11/08 to criticize MSNBC employees for their supposed bias. http://m-w.com/dictionary/infectious

After Steve Doocy introduced the segment with the thinly veiled racial slur "NBC has taken a real shine (his emphasis) to Barack Obama," he says you'd think they were cheerleading for him from the sidelines. Apparently NBC correspondent Lee Cowan said on a blog that when he covers Barack Obama, it's just infectious! (From M-W.com: 3: spreading or capable of spreading rapidly to others -their enthusiasm was infectious; an infectious grin) Seems like an entirely appropriate adjective.

And then, (!) Brian Williams actually talked about this! (This was all Gretchen Carlson, indignant and horrified.) She asked "What have we come to, Brent, where people are actually supposed to be objective, but they're endorsing a candidate, seemingly, on national news!" Of course Bozell dismissed the "seemingly" and insisted that they are, and Williams' quoting of Cowan saying "it's hard to remain objective" was proof positive for the trio that NBC is favoring Obama.

The conversation morphed to Chris Matthews and his anti-Hillary Clinton remarks. Bozell excuses those remarks, and ones supportive of Obama, with Matthews' status as a "commentator" but just wants Matthews to "admit it - don't pretend to be anything other than what you are!" This advice should be printed on the restroom towels at FOX.

Carlson wondered if he could imagine anyone at NBC saying they were infectious about a Republican? Bozell dodged that one, probably because the Republicans aren't fielding anyone new or inspiring.

How interesting that he is their steady go-to guy and we never here from David Brock or other critics who find a conservative tilt in the media. Fair and balanced as ever.