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White Supremacist Sympathizer Hannity and “Macaca” Aide Obenshain Try To Paint The Clintons As Racists

Reported by Ellen - January 12, 2008 -

Sean Hannity, whose bigotry has been repeatedly reported here and who is the former pal to white supremacist Hal Turner, teamed up with Kate Obenshain, former chief of staff of George “macacawitz” Allen, in a comical effort to tar Bill and Hillary Clinton as racists. On numerous occasions, Hannity has made racial attacks on Barack Obama, without any apparent objection from FOX News. But suddenly, Hannity and FOX were very interested in the feelings of African Americans who have felt slighted by some recent comments by the Clintons on the campaign trail. Tellingly, it wasn’t long before Hannity and Obenshain made it clear that they weren’t at all concerned about whether or not blacks had really been insulted by the Clintons, just resentful that Republicans “can’t get away with” the same kind of language. With video.

“The Clintons have some race problems, Hannity said gleefully at the beginning of the discussion. Then, without even exploring the two issues – Bill Clinton’s reference to Obama’s campaign message as “a fairy tale” and Hillary Clinton implying that LBJ deserved more credit than Martin Luther King for enacting civil rights laws – Hannity moved on to focus on his usual preoccupation when it comes to race: That Democrats (or blacks) are freer to be racists than Republicans. You have to wonder why he would care or be keeping score.

“I have said this for years and it is frustrating to me,” Hannity complained. “Because 90% of the African American vote goes to the Democratic Party in most elections. But yet Bill Clinton says his political mentor was J. William Fulbright who was a known segregationist. Al Gore father’s was not there for the ‘64 Civil Rights Act or the ‘65 Voting Rights Act. Lyndon Johnson was depending on Republicans to get those votes passed. I have Roger Clinton on tape using the “n” word multiple times. During the Clinton years, you have a former Klansman who used the “n” word on FOX News Sunday, Robert Byrd. And somehow the Democrats gave the Clintons a pass. He didn’t appoint African Americans to the highest positions of power. How did he get this reputation in the first place?”

Guest Juan Williams (often a decent guest on Hannity & Colmes) answered that Republicans such as Barry Goldwater opposed the Civil Rights Act. “Clearly, that was the beginning of the Southern strategy that has captured the south pretty much for white, you know, conservatives and made the south more Republican, done away with the Dixiecrats, and posited whites, as opposed to blacks, as being in the Republican Party. And sometimes those are people who align with the Confederate flag and …black people feel that as if they’re being excluded from the club.”

Hannity moved on immediately to expound about Republicans not being able to insult blacks. To Obenshain, Hannity said, “I think there’s a pattern here that has emerged where Democrats get a pass. They get to be around Robert Byrd, Roger Clinton gets to use that word. But if Republicans said or did these things, I think there’d be, let’s say a lot of trouble for them.”

Obenshain's relationship to Senator Allen was not provided to the audience by the “We report, you decide” network, even though his use of a racial slur and other allegations of racism featured prominently in what turned out to be his 2006 re-election defeat. In her screechy voice, Obenshain whined, “There are quite a few examples of good, decent, honorable Republicans who have been virtually destroyed by the media (over mistakes or misspeaking).”

Conservative Bill Sammon was the third member of the imbalanced panel. Sammon agreed with Alan Colmes that the Clintons were not deliberately trying to create a racial divide in the Democratic Party for the purpose of using it against Obama. But Sammon, too, sloughed off any concern for what African Americans might be thinking or feeling. “I do think that Republicans are looking at this with just a delicious sense of irony to watch Democrats savage each other over the race card.” He added, “To have the guy who loves to be called ‘the first black president’ crawling to that great racial arbiter of our times, Rev. Al Sharpton, who gave us Tawana Brawley, like he’s some kind of Don Imus to go seek absolution from this guy. It’s unbelievable what a spectacle this is.”

The real spectacle was watching the three conservatives pretending to be racially sensitive while proving the opposite.