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FOX Friends spin old news to tie Democratic frontrunners to Communists

Reported by Chrish - January 11, 2008 -

This morning the trio on FOX and Friends briefly discussed John Kerry's endorsement of Barack Obama, wondering what a candidate would do if they got an endorsement from someone they weren't exactly thrilled about being associated with. Then they dropped a name I hadn't heard in a while and sarcastically wondered why "the media" wasn't talking about it. Hmm, maybe because it's over four months old?

Gretchen Carlson said "I'm not saying Barack Obama doesn't want John Kerry's [endorsement]; 'cause he probably does. But what do they do if somebody comes and says 'hey, I want to endorse you' and they're like, 'gee, um, thanks."

Steve Doocy interjected "There's a good example of that in the paper today, because I did not realize this. But did you know Fidel Castro said he would love to see a Barack Obama / Hillary Clinton and (dramatically) we haven't heard about that!"

Brian Kilmeade inserted a quick "I wonder what Stalin would say?"

A quick trip through the tubes to The Google found that the NY Daily News has an article today about the Kerry endorsement and which brought up a few other perhaps unwelcome 'endorsements' - notably all of Democrats. (Missing, for example, was any reference to crackpot Pat Robertson's endorsement of FOX fave Rudy Giuliani.) Their comment about Castro: "Similarly, both Obama and Hillary Clinton kept mum when Cuba's Fidel Castro touted a Clinton-Obama ticket."

Back in August 2007 , Reuters reported

"The word today is that an apparently unbeatable ticket could be Hillary for president and Obama as her running mate," he [Castro] wrote in an editorial column on U.S. presidents published on Tuesday by Cuba's Communist Party newspaper, Granma."

That's an analytical opinion, not an endorsement. Castro didn't express any "love" or other emotion.

Leave it to FOX Friends to bring it up, add the Stalin reference, and leave viewers to believe it is a recent happening, with some nefarious ties between the Democrats and the Communist leaders.