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Black and White -- Fox On Rudy Giuliani's and Hillary Clinton's Tax Plans

Reported by Melanie - January 11, 2008 -

I don't think I need to set this post up all that much because in my opinion Fox speaks for itself in terms of its undeniably favorable "reporting" on behalf of the GOP, and its use of the race card.

On Wednesday, Neil Cavuto aired a segment about the tax plan Rudy Giuliani unveiled that day. Cavuto introduced his two panelists over a chyron that read, "Giuliani's Tax Cut Plan; Best Plan for America?" --

Just minutes ago, GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani unveiling what he is calling the largest tax cut in the history of America, cutting everything from corporate to income taxes, raising deductions as well. Mr. Giuliani will be my special guest on Fox Business Network in less than two hours. He'll elaborate on this in his first interview on it.

Matt Lewis says it's the best plan for America. He's a columnist at TownHall.com. Jehmu Greene disagrees. She's a Democratic Strategist. So, Matt, why do you like it?

Fast forward to today (January 11, 2008), when Hillary Clinton unveiled what she is calling a stimulus plan. Cavuto introduced the discussion about her plan over a chyron that read, "Clinton's $40B Tax Rebate Plan: An Attempt to Buy Votes?" --

Hillary Clinton unveiling a $70 billion plan she says will stimulate the economy and help fix this [the stock market] that is, if she becomes president. Right now she wants congress to be ready to shell out $40 billion for middle class tax rebates. Is she trying to buy votes?

Well, Jessica Colon says yes! She's with the Young Republicans. Democratic strategist Tanya Acker disagrees. So Jess, to you first. Ah, the buying of votes issue is big with you, that this is all about placating, or what?

Comment: Some observations:

- The difference in the tone of the chyrons, obviously.

- Giuliani segment - No cost amounts were mentioned either in the chyron or in Cavuto's intro.

- Clinton segment - The chyron had an amount and Cavuto mentioned an amount two times.

- Cavuto went first to the person who supported the GOP.

- In the Giuliani segment, he spoke excitedly about Giuliani being an upcoming guest on FBN, in the Clinton segment he used negative words and phrases like, "if she becomes president," and "shell out."

- Cavuto briefly elaborated on what the Republican guests thought about the plans, whereas all he said about the Democrats was that they "disagree."

- In both segments the Republican guests were white. In the Giuliani segment, the Republican was a white male. In both segments, the Democrats were African-American females.