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Report on MidEast Peace process leads into comedy routine

Reported by Chrish - January 10, 2008 -

James Rosen reported from Jerusalem this morning on FOX and Friends about comments by Bush and Mahmoud Abbas regarding a possible peace treaty between Palestinians and Israelis. Not wanting to overload viewers, who were still furiously emailing their indignation over Joy Behar's comments, the reporter quickly devolved into typical FOX morning jocularity.
With video.

Rosen noted that Bush displayed "somewhat greater optimism" than his counterpart; then Bush was shown making positive statements about his belief that a peace treaty will be signed before his term runs out. Abbas, through an interpreter, expressed "great hope." Bush meets with Tony Blair next and is off to Kuwait tomorrow.

Then Rosen, in all seriousness segued into one of the most bizarre dialogues in recent memory: