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Neil Cavuto Blasts the Criticism Madeline Albright Levels at George Bush in Her New Book, While Keeping Secret Fox's Tie to It

Reported by Melanie - January 10, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto is apparently becoming more and more desperate to lure viewers to the new Fox Business Network (FBN). Yesterday he begged, but today (January 10, 2008) he begged when he featured a clip from FBN that aired yesterday during which he blasted Madeline Albright for some of the things she wrote in her new book, Memo to the President Elect: How We Can Restore America's Reputation and Leadership. Not only did Cavuto beg, but amidst all his bravado and tough talk, he left out an extremely important fact, which, if known, would have made him look like the morally bankrupt hypocrite he is.

Cavuto set the stage for the clip with this:

Apparently what happens on Fox Business Network does not stay on Fox Business Network. My show there, my show here, flooded, and I mean flooded, with email over this exchange last night with Madeline Albright. Take a look.

To the clip which started with Cavuto addressing Albright:

George Bush would never be elected president of France, you're absolutely right but my point is...

Albright interjects:

Or any other place.


Ya see, that again is a sweeping gen [sic]. You are a former secretary of state...

Albright talk over:

Well, and you are not letting me explain anything.


...and I just think that kind of language ma'am is unfair for someone who once handled foreign policy for this country to now come back and piss on someone who's trying to handle foreign policy today.

Albright said her book explains the "difficulty of the situation the next president will face." She said there are "a lot of crisis out there" and this is "an important time for the American people to look at these various issues" and try to decide "who is the best person" and "how it should be handled." She said she is admits that mistakes were made by both the Clinton and the Carter administration but...

Cavuto interrupted. He said he read her book but she didn't spend an "inordinate amount of time admitting mistakes," but "I will tell you this ma'am, with all due respect, for you to disparage a guy in the middle of a war on terror, say what you will about Iraq" ... "In this book, you seem to be politically playing it, and I think that's rather poor."

Albright said Cavuto just made her book "much more interesting," and Cavuto said he urged people to read it, and "it's why I'm having you on," but "to criticize a commander in chief in the foreign policy [inaudible] in the middle of a war, [yelling] IN THE MIDDLE OF WAR, ain't good."

Here's video:

Comment: It was cleaver of Bush to call this a "war on terror" because it will be endless and his thugs, like Cavuto, can turn against the American people; shame them for speaking out, no matter how bad things get, and claim that one shouldn't criticize the president "in the middle of a war." But what Cavuto, in all his macho bravado didn't tell his audience was that Albright's book is published by none other than HarperCollins, which is owned by Fox's parent company, News Corp. These guys have no shame.

Oh, and immediately following the clip, Cavuto read some of those emails he talked about at the beginning and then gave his "Common Sense" "editorial," You Should See What You're Missing. There he begged people to watch the Fox Business Network. Again, these are shameless hypocrites who are making a lot of money playing their games with the American people.