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Is The White House Still Looking For War With Iran?

Reported by Donna - January 9, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they talked about the speed boats from Iran that approached our war ships. They ran a couple of segments on this including the top story.

They spoke about the speed boats that had approached the U.S. warships off the coast of Iran. How long has it been since it was declared that Iran had stopped their nuclear weapons program 4 years ago? (Comment: That was a lie by the Bush Administration)

Now we have the speed boats. It seems like we want to continue this 'war with Iran' business going on as long as possible.They said that the president said there would be serious consequences if they attack our ships. (Comments: No kidding, I hope so) Catherine Herridge said you could hear very clearly someone sayng you will explode. The actions of the military said they were very disciplined and followed protocol.

The banner on the screen read: Bush: "All Options on the Table" after Navy Showdown (Comment: Now, where have we heard that before?")

Haeridge said this area was so important because of the timing and it handled so much of the world's crude oil production. Herridge said from these two things you can see that it wasn't a coincidence.

In the second segment the banner read, 'Iran Calling Pentagon Video Of Navy Encounter Fake'

A deputy national security advisor for the Clinton Administration who is now a senior fellow for the Center for American Progress, Mara Rudman, came on for the 2nd segment and she said it was good to keep our heads about us as the military officer of the ship did so well.

The banner on the screen read: Threatening Comments Were Made To U.S. Naval Ships'

She said it was provocative action by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. She said that Iran is not completely in control of parts of it's country and it's good that we kept our heads when dealing with them. Smith asked if it was some hot head and Rudman said no, she thought it was from the Revolutionary Guard and who controls them. It's been a problem in the past, too, she added. She said that we cannot afford nor can they afford to let this get out of control.

Smith asked what happens next and Rudman said that we had a clear headed military who followed protocol and it's good that it happened the way it did.

Comments: Both Herridge and Rudman agreed that the military commander kept his head and followed protocol and did the right thing. Rudman said this is a situation that turned out well.

But if you talk to Bush, he's really ticked and it seems he wants to do something. All I can say is that I'm glad Bush wasn't in control when the incident happened. While I agree that we have to protect our military and attack if necessary, I'm glad it turned out the way it did. But Bush keeps harping on it, just like he did about the nuclear proliferation until we found out they stopped their weapons programs years ago.

Does he have to keep up the war mongering and the fear? To me, it sounds like it turned out very good for both sides. And a lot of this happens whenever it comes to election time.