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Frank Luntz Suggests Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire Win And Polling Errors Due To Liberal Media Bias

Reported by Ellen - January 9, 2008 -

Pollster Frank Luntz visited Hannity & Colmes tonight to talk about the outcome of last night’s New Hampshire primary and why the polling had erroneously predicted victory for Barack Obama. Luntz suggested that the surprising outcome was due to the media playing only the “positive” part of Hillary Clinton’s emotional moment. With video.

At the beginning of the Luntz interview, Alan Colmes asked, in a scripted introduction, “After record high turnout, people are asking how the polls that predicted a big Obama victory could have been so wrong. And is the now famous Clinton emotional moment responsible for her big win?”

After noting that the original script had “cry” where Colmes had substituted “emotional moment,” he asked Luntz, “So what say you?”

Luntz replied, “I wanted to kind of let the viewers in on some of the stuff that we do. We tested (the emotional moment) with Democratic primary voters earlier in the week, Monday night. And their reaction to it was very favorable for the first 20 or 25 seconds. And then it got negative when they heard her go negative on Obama. Here’s what’s interesting. Most of the networks and the TV stations only showed the first 20 seconds and so viewers who saw it said, ‘You know what? This is a woman with a heart. This is a woman who I can empathize with and is very helpful.’ When we tested it, we added the extra 15 seconds. It was accurate, but in this game of politics, all that matters is what you see on television and if you don’t see it on TV, it doesn’t matter.”

Colmes asked, “Do you think that if they’d played the other amount of those other seconds it would have changed the result of the election?”

Luntz nodded. “It would have changed the result about that and it could have had an impact. Look, it was a very narrow defeat for Obama. But all the pollsters did get it wrong. And they got it so wrong.”

Colmes further asked if poll respondents might have lied when they said they’d vote for Obama because they didn’t want to admit they wouldn’t vote for a black man.

“It’s a possibility,” Luntz said. “I had thought we were done that. I had thought it did not happen and now, perhaps, it does.”