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FOX mutual admiration society: O'Reilly hosts flattering study's creator

Reported by Chrish - January 9, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly was taking "a few days off" (more like a couple of weeks) when this particular item hit the news cycle but he's happy to revisit it to reinforce that "fair and balanced" slogan. Tonight 1/09/08 he had as a guest Dr. (S.) Robert Lichter of the CPMA (Center for Media and Public Affairs) to discuss the study that - surprise, surprise - found FOX News to be more fair than the networks nightly news when it came to reporting on politics.

It's been rehashed already, here for starters, but essentially the CPMA is a right-wing organization, funded and staffed by supporters of that ideology, so it's no surprise that they crafted a study to benefit their like-minded cable news platform.

NH Reader Latichever on an earlier thread noted that "Firing Line and American Interests - programs underwritten by the Center's biggest funders- was left out of the CMPA study. It's called fixing the facts."

It's beyond ironic to watch two FOX employees* talk about a study that one created that finds - again, quel surprise! - a positive reinforcement of their message. All that was missing from this little love fest was a couple of loofahs.

It seems that O'Reilly spends more and more time touting his ratings, bashing his opposition, and hosting anyone who'll sing his (or FOX's) praises.

*The link to the webpage citing Lichter as a paid employee of FOX News is no longer viable, and he was referred to by O'Reilly as a FOX News Contributor. If you like to nitpick.