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Fox & Friends Try To Attack But Barack Obama Has Excellent Interview

Reported by Donna - January 9, 2008 -

A day after the New Hampshire Primary, Fox and Friends had two unexpected guests appear on their show, Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton.

Fox and Friends had spoken the whole show about how surprised they were that the exit polls were wrong and Hillary had ended up winning last night.

Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade interviewed Senator Obama. Kilmeade started the questioning by asking, "You were down by double digits three weeks ago, then you had your victory. How did your big victory turn into a defeat yesterday? (Comment: It wasn't exactly a defeat, he came in a close second to Hillary's first)

Obama said that they knew it was going to be a close race, that he was down by double digits a couple of months ago and they tightened that up. He went on to say that he visited with people in New Hampshire and what people in New Hampshire and around the country want is a president who will bring the country together. Obama said that is what he is going to try and do in Nevada, South Carolina and then the February 5th states.

Carlson said that he had galvanized the young people and women to come out for him in Iowa and she wondered if that had changed or if the independents had gone to John McCain? Obama said it's hard to say he hadn't looked at all the numbers but he could tell her that the voters on both sides were very galvanized, Democrats and Republicans. He said people want to know how he is going to make healthcare available for them, college available for their kids and bring the troops home from Iraq responsibly.

Kilmeade then went on the attack saying Hillary had changed tactics saying that Martin Luther King had talked about peace but it was a president who put civil rights into place. Kilmeade went farther with his attack and said that Bill Clinton called Obama's campaign one of the biggest fairytales he's ever seen. Kilmeade added, "That's personal."

Obama said it's obvious that Bill Clinton wanted to see his wife win and he wasn't too worried about that. He added that Bill Clinton made a series of misleading statements and he will make sure he answers them. He said that people were looking for someone who could rise above some of the petty problems we've seen in the past and really focus on problems. He said it was going to be a hard felt battle but they wanted to focus on the American people, their hopes, their dreams and if we do that he thought he would ultimately be successful.

Carlson asked if Bill Clinton was Hilary's "celebrity spokesperson", She said, Oprah Winfrey is yours. She campaigned for you (Obama interrupted) and said actually Michelle Obama is. Carlson and Kilmeade laughed and Kilmeade said "smart man." Carlson said that he was a smart to put his wife first. Obama said it wasn't important who came, it was the people and what policies they stood for that was important to the people.

Kilmeade asked if they were going to get the endorsement of the culinary union in Nevada and Obama said it was still early but he felt very good about it.

Carlson said that John Edwards and Obama were ganging up on Hillary and should Edwards drop out, would he like to have his supporters. Obama said he'd like to have the supporters of all the people who dropped out but he thought Edwards was still very much in the battle and thought he could win the presidency. He added that they weren't ganging up on Hillary, that Edwards was responding to an attack launched by Hillary at him (Obama).

Obama said it's more important to focus on the people's problems. He's seen people who are concerned about jobs, concerned about the economy, concerned about healthcare and he has to be concerned with solving all those problems.

Kilmeade said that none of the Democrats are changing their tune when it comes to Iraq. Violence is down, civil war is not happening, who is going to be the first Democrat who will acknowledge it?

Obama said if you send our finest 30,000 troops into Baghdad you're going to see a drop in violence. And he congratulated our commanders and soldiers on the ground for that. He said he had also said that we have to see political accomodation among the warring factions in Iraq or we don't see long time stability. He added that we have to send the signal that we will not be there forever. Kilmeade said, "right."

Kilmeade pushed further and said that Obama said he wanted to deal with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, shouldn't we also be dealng with Al Qaeda in Iraq? Obama said he saw the problem of Al Qaeda more dangerous in Afghanistan than he did in Iraq. He said we know Bin Laden and his troops are still hiding along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan and that was the most immediate threat we were facing. Obama said we have lost focus on this and he wants to get the focus back on it.

Comments: Time after time Kilmeade and Carlson tried to go after Obama (you don't see this with Republican candidates) and you saw Obama keep his cool. He was obviously tired and I give him credit for the interview. Obama did well for a Democrat on Fox, don't you think?