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Follow Up - Hillary Interview on Fox & Friends

Reported by Donna - January 9, 2008 -

Shortly after the Senator Barack Obama interview, Fox & Friends interviewd Senator Hillary Clinton. Another round of attack questions which Hillary actually handled better than the Obama interview.

She was interviewed by Stevet Doocy, who said she had a stunning victory, and Gretchen Carlson who said congratulations.

Carlson said the most impressive statement she heard Hillary say last night was that she listened to them (the people of New Hampshire) and she found her voice. Carlson asked her what she meant by that. (Comment: How can it be impressive if she didn't know what she meant?) Hillary said she felt politics was a process where we could help people's lives. She added that she wasn't interested in it as a horse race. She also said that she got up for 35 years to see what she could do to help somebody else. She said that in these intense 4 days she had spoken with the people of New Hampshire and during the process she found out how they were connecting.

Hillary said she does what she does because she really cares about helping someone else. She was glad what happened in New Hampshire because it gave her a chance to put her foot forward on helping our people by using all of her experience.

Doocy told her she wasn't supposed to be here today because of the polls. One poll had her 13 points down. He asked how the pollsters could be so wrong? Hillary said she really doesn't pay attention to these snapshot polls, that she's more focused on the campaign and what she can do to help the people.

Hillary said that it was a real election and people wanted someone serious and effective in making changes that America needs to have. She said she went out early yesterday getting her assistants coffee and she spoke to many people and when she came back she knew she was still down in the exit polls but she felt really good after looking people in the eyes. She said that she knew that voters were listening and believing that she could do what she said she could do as president.

Carlson asked Hillary about her 'emotional moment' and said the media made a lot about that (especially Fox). Carlson said she found it interesting that people felt this was a real moment for her (another diss, just about calling Hillary a fake). She asked Hillary what was the real reason that she teared up.

Hillary said she spends most of her time out with the public and asking people what they need. And, she added that when that woman asked her that question about how she did it, she found it really touching because that is what she is usually doing, asking what she could do for them. She said she really felt she had a real relationship with the voters of New Hampshire and she loved their fierce independence and she just felt that this woman wanted to know how she does what she does, and here it is. She added that she loved this country and she was going to fight to give people the chances that she's had.

Doocy said "Mrs. Clinton" (Comment: Senator Clinton) there was a poll taken that New Hampshire women were overcome with sympathy when she had her when they saw her choking up and they ended up voting for her and in fact a lot of Barack Obama's people voted for her because of that moment. He asked her if it's ok to be human?

Hillary told Doocy that that was a really good way to put it. She said in her lifetime she's seen a lot of presidents, Reagan, Carter who did show that it was alright to have emotions. (Comment: Very smart to add Reagan in there) She said that maybe she has liberated us women so that we can be human. She added that no one doubts that she can be tough enough to lead. She said the reason she gets up everyday is she cares deeply about people and what she can do for them. She said that most of what she does is not broadcast it's what really rewards her for all the long hours, the hard work and some of the slings and arrows. She said she hoped this integration will show people what she can do if they allow her to be their president.

Carlson said that one of her greatest weapons is her husband, she said she had not seen this level of passion from her husband in a long time and he basically called Obama the biggest fairytale he had ever seen. (Comment: Attack, attack) Carlson asked if Bill Clinton was doing Hillary's dirty work for her?

Hillary said she didn't think that's what he was doing that there were important facts that people needed to know and no matter what, the facts are what they are. Hillary said it's important for people to see and understand what they've said and done. She said in particular the speech that Barack had given against the war in Iraq was to his credit but by 2004 he wasn't sure how he would have voted in the Senate and he agreed with President Bush abpit the conduct of the war. He then said he wouldn't vote for funding for the war, then in 2005, 2006 and 2007 he had voted for 300 billion dollars for the war. She said that this was important information that people ought to know.

Doocy kidded her about taking Maalox when she was just 1 point ahead, they laughed and Hillary said it's an important election and there was a lot of shouting, moaning, groaning, cries of joy. She said the people of New Hampshire had done this before and there was a lot of intensity and today she was up and ready to go. Doocy told her to take a nap.

Doocy told Hillary that of all the polls out there that Fox's poll was the closest, so she'd have to check that. Hillary told him that was interesting and she'd think about it.

Comment: Senator Clinton handled herself so well in this interview while literally going without or little sleep. She truly acted presidential. She had no Bushism moments - she can actually talk, she can actually speak intelligently. She didn't act defensive about her husband, just laid out the facts. She did great as a Democrat on Fox News, who we know is for the Republican Party, as Shepard Smith has said in the past. Don't you think she did well for a Democrat on Fox? Or are they just backing off a little?