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Dick Morris Eats His Hat Over Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire Win

Reported by Ellen - January 9, 2008 -

What a difference a day makes! On Monday night’s (1/7/08) Hannity & Colmes, Dick Morris gleefully predicted that Hillary Clinton’s tearing up was proof that she’s not fit to be president. On last night's (1/8/08) show, delayed by her New Hampshire primary win, it was proof, according to him, that she’ll probably win the election. With video.

“I have never seen a comeback like this in my entire political life,” Morris gushed. “This is extraordinary. This woman took EVERY shot you could possibly take and remained standing and won. And I gotta say that this means I think she’s gonna win.”

Morris’ obvious admiration was odd given his deep-seated and never-ending hatred of Hillary Clinton. I’m not a psychologist nor, unlike Morris, do I play one on TV but I suspect someone could have a field day plumbing the depths of his feelings for the Clintons.

Morris agreed with Sean Hannity that it’s by far a lock for Hillary. But, he marveled again, “She showed a capacity to take a punch that was extraordinary.”

When it was his turn with Morris, Alan Colmes asked, “How happy are you? You might have her for eight years now to knock around, right? I mean, isn’t this what you want?”

Morris made a show of dismay at the thought of Clinton winning. But you have to wonder: Would Morris have his perch on FOX News if it weren’t for his unique ability to bash Hillary while being presented as a “former Clinton advisor?” His record of political prognostication is poor. If Clinton were to drop off the political landscape, would Morris go with her?

Colmes continued, “We heard a narrative 24 hours ago that was very different, though. She cried, that could have hurt her. The tears. We talked about it.”

Indeed they did. The night before, Morris had compared Clinton’s choking up to Edmund Muskie doing so and implied that it would be the undoing of her candidacy the way it was his.

But now Morris told Colmes, “I want to say to all of the listening audience that (you were) right. The crying helped… It obviously did.”