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Smith Asks African American Woman: Is It Hard For A White Woman To Fight An Uphill Battle Against A Black Man?

Reported by Donna - January 8, 2008 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith they had a special election 2 hour coverage on the New Hampshire primary.

Smth brought on Hillary's Campaign Co-Chair Person, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex) to talk about Hillary's falling points.

Smith asked Lee what happened? Lee said nothing happened. Lee added that she wanted Smith to know that Senator Clinton was working her heart out and this was a campaign that they knew was going to be long. She wanted him to know that they got delegates in Iowa when they came in third and they're going to get delegates in New Hampshire. She said they're going to do it one at a time. She said that yes, words do inspire but people have to know that experience does count.

Smith said that Hilary's camp was already declaring Barack the winner in New Hampshire. This may be true, he is up several points. But Smith wanted to ask Lee why the campaign was falling in the polls so rapidly. Lee said they just had to get Hillary's message out, it was important to get her message out.

Smith said that young people want a change and that is why they are flocking to Barack Obama. Smith asked Lee if it was hard for a white woman to fight an uphill battle against a black man. Lee said not at all, that they were all Americans and Hillary's vision just needed to be out there because it was a good one for America.

Smith asked Lee if after New Hampshire if they could make it to February 5. Lee said no way would they not continue, there were lots of primaries left, that they would not stop their vision and that they would still be there come February 5. She said that she has people calling her up saying don't give up, we want to vote for you on Feb 5.

Comments: It sounded like Smith felt that Hillary should give up because she came in third in Iowa and it looked like she was going to lose in New Hampshire.

I'm personally not going to say who I'm voting for, but Hillary has put a lot of hard work into this campaign and I don't think she's going to give up yet. On the other hand, good for Barack Obama if he is igniting the young people and getting the excitement out there for people (especially young people) to vote for him.