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FOX writing Hillary off, but still treats Rudy like a viable candidate

Reported by Chrish - January 8, 2008 -

The "coverage" of Hillary Clinton today focused mainly on her welling up when talking to a voter and the sexist throwbacks who heckled her at a rally last night. Speculation about her chances of garnering the Democratic nomination ran rampant, and there were plenty of pronouncements and predictions of gloom and doom. But Congressman Peter King (R-NY) had a segment all to himself to boost his candidate, Rudy Giuliani, who placed 6th in Iowa with 3% of the vote and is running fourth in single digits, tied with Ron Paul, in New Hampshire (according to Gallup). He can still be the nominee and the next president, we were assured.

In fact, King was so confident he invited Doocy to the inauguration. Pressed for good seating, he extracted a small bribe from Doocy - all joking but most distasteful to see the embedded "what's in it for me" mentality.

Giuliani has all but disappeared from the teevee since the revelations about his abuse of power, using taxpayer funds to facilitate his affair with the latest Mrs. Giuliani, and all indications are that Romney, another Bushie, will be the FOX-annointed one. But when Republicans start talking with certainty about a favorable outcome in Florida, I get nervous. I don't count Rudy out yet either, but not because voters want him.

Couple this segment with Carlson's complaint that "we" are not hearing enough about foreign policy and the WoT, and expect, after today's primary, to see a renewed focus on the "terror threat." But don't expect to hear Ron Paul's position on it.