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FOX host whines about coverage of political campaigns. What?

Reported by Chrish - January 8, 2008 -

On a couple of occassions this morning 1/8/08 FOX and friends host Gretchen Carlson complained that "we" are not talking about foreign policy and the candidates' positions. Within the same two hours she and the others on the couch brought up Hillary-hecklers three times and Hillary's emotional welling of tears ("her breakdown," according to Carlson) no less than five times.

Clinton's "breakdown" was also the subject of the question of the day, and Steve Doocy said he'd never seen so many responses to a topic before, with 30-40% saying it was faked (or, conversely, 60-70% thought it was genuine). Carlson "wondered" if perhaps Clinton welled up because she's losing, and the Clintons have never suffered defeat before (Arkansas, 1980), or possibly just the stress of the campaign - she's tired. And on, and on.

Two guys at a Clinton rally last night held up signs that read "Iron my shirts." Clinton handled them with aplomb and the Friends rightfully derided the guys for sexism. Bill O'Reilly makes an ass of himself at an Obama rally and we get hourly coverage (but no apologies, of course). And on and on. And she has the nerve to complain that "we" are not getting foreign policy discussions? She's being disengenuous. If people want foreign policy they buy books and newspapers, go on-line, or watch C-Span and PBS, not ratings-chasing cable networks. Unfortunately there are plenty of FOX followers who believe they're getting informed, but even Carlson knows they're not.