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Fox Gears Up to Spin That a Huge Democratic/Independent Turnout in New Hampshire is Due to Warm Weather

Reported by Melanie - January 8, 2008 -

Fox's "premiere business news" show was preempted today (January 8, 2008) by a "You Decide 2008" special report on the New Hampshire primary hosted by Chris Wallace. The first segment featured Carl Cameron, live at McCain headquarters in Manchester. Cameron speculated about who would win, of course, and then started talking about Independent voters. Dramatically pulling off a scarf he was wearing -- indoors -- he said the conventional wisdom was that Independent voters would "break for Obama," and that the "weather has been phenomenal...very, very different kind of weather that will boost the turnout."

He then described how some polling places were running out of ballots, suggesting that, "there is a distinct possibility that we could have a better than 75%, even 80% voter turnout tonight."

Cameron tossed back to Wallace who said, "That is remarkable. Just shows you what happens when the weather is warm here. Maybe they should have this primary in June."

Comment: One thing I didn't hear on Fox last week was that Democrats turned out for the Iowa caucus by a margin of two-to-one to Republicans. As I recall, the temperature in Iowa that evening was in the mid-20's.

If what we're hearing out of New Hampshire today is any indication, it looks like the turnout there will be even higher than in Iowa. It also sounds like many Independents will cast votes for Barack Obama. He could garner more Independent votes than the Republican winner. If the voter turnout percentages end up being extremely good for Democrats, as they well could, Fox is going to have to come up with something to say. They could ignore it happening once, but they can't ignore it happening a second time. They can't say the Democrats have strong candidates, because according to them, the Republicans are far better. They can't talk about dissatisfaction with Bush, because he's still their guy. So, yeah! Warm weather sounds good.