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O'Reilly's take on Obama campaign confrontation: he was "upholding the Constitution" when he shoved Obama's bodyguard

Reported by Chrish - January 7, 2008 -

SuperPatriot Bill O'Reilly has explained his shoving of Obama bodyguard Marvin Nicholson as "defending the Constitution," specifically the First Amendment. The "fracas" occurred as the Factor traveled to show viewers "an inside view" of the primary process.

O'Reilly also visited the Clinton campaign's stop at a local high school. After saying that
"we've never spoken to her. I met her one time, had a nice little conversation," O'Reilly said they were going to try to speak to her after her speech as she's leaving and asked, smirking, what the odds are of that happening?

Next we saw a questioner channeling O'Reilly - did the great journalist plant someone? She said he asked her what Clinton's plan for removing troops from Iraq is, and Clinton answered after acknowledging O'Reilly (to a chorus of boos). (Later, with body language analyst/coach Tonya Reiman O'Reilly denied asking the woman to ask that question, saying they just 'interviwed her' earlier.) The O'Reilly crew went on to Nashua to see Obama and left Jesse Watters to try to speak to Clinton. Naturally "the Secret Service wouldn't let him anywhere near Senator Clinton" - he is a known stalker with no journalistic credibility. O'Reilly asserted that's why "the press" can't get any spontaneous questions to Clinton, but later in the "letters" section he told a viewer to not lump him in with the press. Hmm, only when it's convenient - I see. He figured it would be a lot easier to get answers from recent (since Giuliani dropped off the face of the campaign trail) FOX fave Mitt Romney .

They had a sit-down with Romney in Bedford in a room somewhere and Romney repeated his talking point that "Washington is broken." Romney hypothetically put himself up against Obama as a true agent of change, eliminating Hillary Clinton from the equation altogether. Romney claims he's brought change to everything he's touched (but investigate for yourself - he is a Bush clone and crony. )

O'Reilly claimed they looked for and couldn't find John McCain and Fred Thompson, couldn't coordinate a meeting with Giuliani, and (smirking) "we didn't even look for John Edwards." Yeah, because you're terrified his message will resonate with the folks.

So all that was left was Huckabee, complete with rocking chairs on the porch. Huckabee said an Obama/Huck race would be more civil and bashed the "Clinton machine," "more like a sausage grinder." The "best political coverage anywhere" devolved into a slew of Chuck Norris jokes.

O'Reilly finally got to "the Obama incident". See the ugliness yourself:

O'Reilly cut the clip short so viewers didn't see Obama trying to retrieve his hand and get away from O'Reilly as he asked that all-important question - will you come on my show?

In a follow-up segment with Kirsten Powers she agreed that he had a right to be there and to get his video, but said she'd rather he didn't shove people. (As we tell the preschoolers and little ones around us, "use your words.") He justified the shoving, not denying it, saying he only had ten seconds. So there you have it - if you're in a hurry and someone is in your way, shove them. He and Margaret Hoover agreed that Nicholson was trying to get 'farleft street cred,' lol.