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Hillary Tears Up - Fox Forgets To Mention That Romney Did, Too - Twice

Reported by Donna - January 7, 2008 -

Watching America's Pulse and Studio B today they made a fuss over Senator Clinton slightly welling up in tears when she was asked about her campaigning.

Thanks to Chris, my fellow News Hound, she found a couple of times that Mitt Romney broke down that wasn't mentioned on these segments.

There was talk of her being 'weak' and didn't this hurt her? They talked about this once on America's Pulse and twice on Studio B and of course the second segment had two Republicans over one Democrat with the Republicans saying it hurt her (but one of them said she appeared human, which was another diss to her being called robotic) but the Democrat stuck up for her, said it was no big deal.

They later showed a clip of President Clitnon who said he couldn't come up with something new about her, (Hillary) he couldn't make her younger, taller or a man, but if you want a great president she would be one (Comment: It was a light moment) and Smth said he didn't think anyone could hold that against her. One of the Young Republicans brought out the name Margaret Thatcher in comparison. I would say there is no comparison.

The big thing is - this has happened before, to Mitt Romney. To be fair and balanced shouldn't these have been mentioned?

Comment: The point was she wasn't outright crying or sobbing, a few tears welled, I don't even know if any fell. The point being made by Fox was that she was weak and running for president.
They loved showing the clip over and over and I'm sure they'll be showing it on more shows tonight - I caught the beginning of Neil Cavuto and it was his top story, too. That's three hour shows in a row.