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FOX and Friends promoting Mitt Romney, or just jumping on bandwagon?

Reported by Chrish - January 7, 2008 -

This morning's FOX and Friends 1/7/08 was focused largely on the New Hampshire primary being held tomorrow, and the "forum" involving five, not all, of the Republican candidates last night.

One of the reasons given for the exclusion of Dr. Ron Paul was that the debate was going to be held in a mobile unit and space was limited: "The network said it had limited space in its studio -- a souped-up bus -- and that it invited candidates who had received double-digit support in recent polls." As it turned out, the chosen five were seated at a table constructed by FOX News, outside.


There were several segments on F&F that reported how well Mitt Romney did, according to pollster Frank Luntz self-aggrandizing meter readings, and although there was one brief mention of how he was hammered the night before in ABC's debate (which was also selective in its participants) the overall consensus was that Romney "overwhelmingly won" the FOX debate.

The Friends reinforced the focus groups findings with their own spin. Brian Kilmeade rattled off a list of Republican frontrunner (in NH) John McCain's failings as per Romney: wrong on immigration, wrong on campaign finance, part of the Gang of 14. Yes, he's a maverick, but against his own party! The problem is that McCain polls 2:1 more favorable among NH Independents. (It's only a problem from Romney's perspective, which Kilmeade is channeling, rather than an objective one.)

Gretchen Carlson boosted Romney by focusing, with a video clip, on Romney giving Iowa Caucus winner Mike Huckabee the Hannity treatment, badgering him and not allowing his competitor to respond as he wanted. This video was shown at least twice.

Wrapping the segment up Gretchen Carlson plugged Bill Kristol's column in the New York Times (that liberal rag), saying he seems to be warming up to Huckabee. If Michael Bloomberg enters the race as an Independent, which is being discussed today at a meeting of "non-partisan" leaders, and the candidates turn out to be Huckabee and Obama, Kristol predicts
that he will drain votes from Obama and give us President Huckabee. Fortunately for America, Bill Kristol is usually wrong about everything.