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Spinning For Giuliani More Important Than War On Terror To FOX News

Reported by Ellen - January 6, 2008 -

As I have previously posted, Alan Colmes grilled Rudy Giuliani recently about the specifics of his plan for "staying on offense against Islamic terrorism." It was a notable interview in which Colmes asked Giuliani a number of tough questions such as "If you had been President on 9/11 would you have captured bin Laden by now?” (Giuliani evaded the question.) But on FOXNews.com, Islamic terrorism took a back seat to spinning Giuliani's dipping poll numbers. Despite his steady decline, as can be seen in Real Clear Politics' poll averages over the last year, FOX News posted the following headline to the interview with Giuliani: "We're in good shape."

The Giuliani appearance came during Hannity & Colmes' special coverage of the Iowa caucuses. Giuliani was the first guest (appearing after FOX News reporter Carl Cameron) which was a surprising choice given that Giuliani skipped the Iowa contest. It was not revealed in the interview that Sean Hannity has done fundraising for Giuliani. Video of the entire Giuliani segment is here.

Below is a screen grab of the "You Decide 2008" section of the Hannity & Colmes page. It's worth noting that Giuliani got placed first and that his "we're in good shape" headline is the only one in the section. There's no mention of his evasive answers on fighting terrorism.