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Pat Robertson Discusses His Message From God With Hannity And Colmes

Reported by Ellen - January 5, 2008 -

Pat “Gays and Abortion Led to 9/11 Attacks” Robertson visited Hannity & Colmes last night (1/4/08) to talk about his favored presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani. As Think Progress recently posted, Robertson has announced that God revealed to him who will win the 2008 election, though he has refused to share what he learned from the Almighty in that regard. But Hannity & Colmes viewers got a few more tidbits about the message from on high which Robertson now says maybe wasn't. During the same discussion, Sean Hannity attacked those who have criticized Mitt Romney’s and Mike Huckabee’s faith while “forgetting” his own attacks on Barack Obama’s. With video.

Robertson had refused to tell which candidate the Lord told him will win the election “because some old man on ‘60 Minutes’ would make fun of me." Perhaps that’s because, as Think Progress also noted, many of the past “revelations” have been proven wrong.

On Hannity & Colmes, a giddier-than-usual Robertson now thought maybe God had not spoken to him about the election outcome after all. “I felt so," Robertson said with a hearty chuckle to Alan Colmes. "But I’m a little shaky on it and I didn’t want to say anything about it publicly. I’m not sure I heard from the Lord and if I did, I hope I heard wrong.”

Hannity asked if the initials given were “HC.”

“My lips are sealed,” Robertson said.

Soon thereafter, Hannity said, “Faith has been a big part of this campaign, Rev. Robertson, and you know, for example, I think Mitt Romney’s faith has been unfairly attacked. I think Mike Huckabee has been attacked unfairly because of his faith. You have experienced this, the idea that you, through prayer and meditation, you know, believe you have a personal relationship with your creator, there are those that hold you in contempt for that belief system. But if you believe in a living God, why would that be so controversial?”

Robertson answered that he works for the Lord and, just like with any other job, you have to speak to the boss periodically. “I believe that God does speak to people on an ongoing basis,” Robertson said.

Hannity pressed on, obviously hoping to prod Robertson into attacking liberals. “But what do you make of the contempt, the outward contempt that people are showing toward people of faith?”

“Well, you wish it weren’t true but those who don’t have faith literally despise those who do,” Robertson answered.

That, apparently, was not what Hannity wanted to hear so he changed the subject to Giuliani’s campaign strategy.

Meanwhile, despite all that Hanctimony, Hannity “forgot” about his own relentless attacks on Barack Obama’s faith, as documented here, here and here, for example. There's every reason to believe those attacks will continue now that Obama has won the Iowa caucuses.