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Post-Iowa coverage rules the day

Reported by Chrish - January 4, 2008 -

The guest list on FOX and Friends this morning 1/4/08 was extensive, with in-studio and satellite interviews and some video clips (notably Rush Limbaugh). Guests included Mitt Romney, Dick Morris (with the obligatory website plugs at beginning and end), Mike Huckabee, Bill Richardson, John McCain, Jesse Jackson, Rush, Michael Reagan and Bob Beckel, and Georgette Mosbacher. Some tidbits:

Mitt Romney is going after John McCain in New Hampshire, but won't let it get personal. McCain is just "honorable and wrong."

Dick Morris found the Iowa results "refreshing" and a defeat for establishment money. He said the January caucuses set the challengers, and the "main event" in February will pit them against the "finalists," Clinton and Giuliani.

Mike Huckabee wants to reach out to self-described "rock-ribbed conservative" Rush Limbaugh, who has criticized him on his radio show for being too liberal.

Bill Richardson said don't count him out; he will do well in NV, AZ, NM, CA.

John McCain said his vice "in my old age" is too much coffee, he getswiredandtalkstoofast. He ended the interview by saying goodbye to "you jerks."

Jesse Jackson sees America as finally maturing, able to nominate and elect a black man. He did not cede the religious platform to Huckabee, saying religion obligates us to reach out to the poor, for justice, for healthcare, and to remedy the sub-prime loan debacle that's caused 3 million foreclosures. His wife and son support HRC, which he respects but it's not dinner table talk.

Bob Beckel sees the results as positive, hope and unity big winners.

Michael Reagan saw Mitt Romney as the big loser, and thinks his party has made a big mistake demonizing Hillary Clinton so thoroughly, so early. He'd like to see her be the candidate because he thinks she's beatable; Obama, on the other hand, is "formidable."

Mosbacher was proud to have brought Huckabee and campaign manager Ed Rollins together at a party last year; doesn't have a favorite ("not a one-man woman") and said Iowa was an anomoly.

A mish-mosh of perspectives, all guided by the Friends/Rush talking points that the night was horrible for Hillary and the rest of the media is covering it wrong - they too should be doing the schaudenfreude boogie (to the tune of "ding-dong, the witch is dead, of course.)