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O'Reilly creates new "controversey" about USO, MoveOn.org

Reported by Chrish - January 4, 2008 -

Always needing something to be outraged about but contracted to keep attention off the Bush White House, Bill O'Reilly tonight 1/3/08 unveiled the newest fuss, over MoveOn.org members donating to a drive to send our military personnel overseas phone calling cards.
With video.

Someone within the USO is supposedly livid because the president of that organization, Edmund Powell, arranged a cooperative action with MoveOn.org to raise money for phone cards. O'Reilly and his guest couldn't snarl enough at MoveOn, which they both called "despicable" and "radical", among other things. Of course this all goes back to the General Petraeus ad in the New York Times last September - but that's all BillO and his audience needs to know . In his opinion they (we - I am a long-standing member and supporter) are hateful partisans, blah blah blah. But why not take their money?

Pete Hegseth, of the "Vets for Freedom," asserted that MoveOn members weren't donating to support the troops - they are only trying to improve their image. He went so far as to say that if HE was president of the USO he would have refused the $1,000,000 in free calls because they are too political. Nice way to support the troops, Pete.

O'Reilly agreed that it was reputation rehab, but played devil's advocate. MoveOn gets tons of money from George Soros, according to O'Reilly, so why not send those cards to the troops? Because the damage done to the troops by MoveOn is so much greater, said Hegseth, because members urge Congress to stop funding the war (yes, and look how effective that's been). In that effort, he says, they are undermining the troops.

Acknowledging that some might see him as partisan because "I support the military, and I've been saying that we have to fight these terrorists, abroad, that the mission is noble, that what we're trying to do is good, so the farleft says O'Reilly's a partisan" and yet he and AT&T joined up to send cards to the troops; what do you do? (Comment: we see you as partisan not because of your lip service to the troops and the war but because of your unwavering loyalty to the Republican agenda, your soulless covering up of meaningful incompetence and criminality in this administration, and your reliable scorn of all things liberal and all persons Democratic.)

Hegseth asked if it's partisan to not supply the troops with body armor? He clarified that he means MoveOn has tried to persuade Congress to not provide funds for body armor (I must have missed that petition!) and O'Reilly overtalked, saying "there is nothing good about these people, they're despicable..."

Well obviously there's plenty good about them, they just have a different political perspective than O'Reilly so he demonizes from his national platform. No spin? I've seen less spin at a carnival.