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Not Just Another Photo Op For Giuliani To Boast About “Staying On Offense Against Islamic Terrorism"

Reported by Ellen - January 4, 2008 -

Rudolph Giuliani was the lead-off guest on Hannity & Colmes last night (1/3/08) during their special coverage of the Iowa caucuses. It was a surprising choice given that Giuliani skipped the contest. But considering that Hannity has done fundraising for Giuliani and given the generally fawning coverage he receives from his pals at FOX News, it was not a total shock that on the night of the Iowa caucuses, they’d hold a discussion about his “eye on New Hampshire.” But it was not just the photo op for him to boast about “staying on offense against Islamic terrorism” that I expected. Alan Colmes asked some truly tough questions, including, "If you had been President on 9/11 would you have captured bin Laden by now?” Giuliani waffled. With video.

Colmes also asked whether Giuliani’s slide in the polls was due to Bernard Kerik and his then-mistress’ security costs (Giuliani claimed the latter issue was “put to bed” by The New York Times which is not quite true). Colmes also asked where Giuliani was going to get the manpower to “double the troops” in Afghanistan. “We’ve got a huge army and I would increase the army,” Giuliani claimed, repeatedly refusing to explain how. Then he went on to blame Clinton for the “peace dividend” that caused “a 20-25% hit on our military.”