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O'Reilly dismissive of Iowa results

Reported by Chrish - January 3, 2008 -

It's interesting that Bill O'Reilly, the master of the so-called "No-spin zone" and host of the frequently trumpeted "#1 show in cable news" has been sidelined as far as reporting on this Iowa caucus evening 1/3/08. His program was truncated to 1/2 hour and he was in the studio with regular Republican cheerleader Dick Morris, hating on Hillary.
With video.

If Bill O'Reilly is such a crack political reporter/commentator,why does he so very rarely do these live, happening specials? Methinks he's not so good without his script and his lack of social skills would be more obvious. See the video below for his lucid and intelligent repartee - he makes Morris look like a genius.

So back in the studio (taped this afternoon) O'Reilly and Morris critiqued the candidates - again - and agreed that it's too close to call.

Morris dismissed the Iowa polls (after following them and commenting on them for a month) as meaningless because half the people polled by phone don't turn out to caucus, and diminished field organizations because by the time a candidate ("Hillary, for instance") identifies her voters and works on getting them out, a large percentage have changed their minds and her campaign is doing the logisitcal work of turning out other candidates' voters (my words, his essence).

O'Reilly agreed that polls are too "shaky" to rely on but said what he's looked at are trend lines, and Romney's been trending upwards and Huckabee down, because of, he said, Pakistan. None of the candidates "had anything" after "Pakistan blew up" but McCain at least looked like he had something.

Morris predicted a third place finish for Clinton, and predicts that she'll lose New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina too. BUT thise will give her the opportunity for a comeback because people are going to question "the risk" of running Obama or Edwards.

Turning to Republicans, he was not willing to focus on any one candidate and said instead that we may see a four-way race up until the convention. Even though Huckabee's been rising in the polls of late, Morris seemed reluctant to acknowledge that and speculate on the Republican field.

O'Reilly broght it back to Clinton, appearing to disagree (but not really) and saying that unless Obama really comes out of the chute and can convince people he knows what he's talking about, which he has not done, Clinton's got the money and the organization and will handily win the "industrial states" New York and California. He pfffted off Iowa, saying that Morris knows that

"this is activists! On the conservative side, the Republican side, it's pro-life - pro-life, pro-life, pro-life, it's more important than anything. On the nutty left side, it's the war, the paaa, da daa, da daa, da daa, that's what it is, that's not mainstream America!"

Note that the left is "nutty" and he didn't actually enunciate any issues - healthcare, the deficit, executive power, the environment - because those ARE mainstream American issues and he knows it.

Morris more or less agreed and added that the "limelight is the spotlight" and Hillary needs to get the focus on Obama, because he won't be able to withstand the scrutiny. They concurred that Hillary is the inevitable candidate regardless of tonight's outcome (which we now know was Obama on top and Edwards barely inching out Clinton for second).