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You Know it's an Election Year When...

Reported by Melanie - January 2, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto blames a 220 point drop in the Dow on Wall Street's fear of Democrats.

Introducing a roundtable discussion today (January 2, 2008), Fox's "business news" anchor said, "Well, the Dow diving 220 points today. Is Wall Street worried the wrong candidate's going to win in Iowa tomorrow and will that kill a five year bull market?"

Comment: Seasoned Fox watchers know that the "wrong" candidate Wall Street is allegedly "worried" about, according to Cavuto, is a Democrat. Starting about now, and continuing through November 4, he will blame every blip in the Dow on Wall Street's alleged terror fear at the thought of a Democrat winning the White House and destroying the economy. Insofar as a Republican will "win" tomorrow too, it's hard to know who Cavuto might be talking about on that front. Chances are he's betting that his audience won't take it that far.