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Terry McAuliffe Has Great Interview On Fox

Reported by Donna - January 2, 2008 -

Today on Fox and Friends they taked to Mitt Romney and his wife. On the Democratic side they spoke with Terry McAuliffe, Sen Clinton's Campaign Chair. They were laughing with the Romney's saying how 'hot' Mrs. Romney was. It was not a casual and laughing matter on the other side.

Gretchen Carlson interviewed Terry McAuliffe. Fox showed the Des Moines poll with Sen Obama leading and she said that McAulife saw these polls different in his mind. McAuliffe said that they had two other polls out that showed Sen Clinton in the lead. He said they felt good about where they are in this caucus and that the Des Moines poll thought that only 55 percent of the people who would be out tomorrow would actually be Democrats, so he didn't believe that poll.

He said to forget the polls, that they were 36 hours away from going to caucus in this great state and he feels good about this caucus. He said people have seen Hillary, liked Hillary and they know that people know that Hillary is up to the challenges of being the next president of the United States.

He said it's time to make a decision, it's time to pick a president and now people are going out to support Hillary because they know she can deal with all of these issues once she gets into the oval office when she goes in.

The banner read 'Hillary's Heat - Can She Take Iowa?'

Gretchen tried to steer the conversation to how close it was in Iowa between Sen Obama and Sen Clinton. McAuliffe didn't engage and talked about the how well the campaign was going.

Gretchen got a dig in about Sen Clinton having babysitters, buses and snow shovels given out to help people to get out to vote. McCauliffe turned the diss around and said that they just wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted to caucus got a chance to caucus. He said this is the most important election for many many years and they wanted everyone who wanted to caucus to be able to do so.

McAuliffe said we had two wars going on and a battered economy. He said that people want change and when Hillary gets elected she's going to have universal healthcare for everyone, get our troops out of Iraq and address Climate Change. So, he said ,we will babysit for you, we'll drive you to the caucus, we'll shovel your sidewalks, whatever it takes. McAufliffe added that this is a big job the next president of American is going to have to face. He said that tomorrow he wants everyone to go out and take part in that process.

Carlson brought up the fact of how it used to be that the person with the most money would win the caucus, and now we have Hillary and Barack Obama raising around 100 million dollars each and on the other side we have Mike Huckabee with practically no money winning in Iowa, which is it, money or message?

McAuliffe said while it's nice to have resources the message is the most important. You need the resources to get the message out. He said he thought they had a very competitive caucus on the Republican side and they also have one on the Democratic side.

McAuliffe added that this campaign is about change in this country. Hillary has been working on change for 35 years. He said that is what people are paying attention to. Who is going to work with the issues on Iraq and Afghanistan, who is going to fix this economy, and deal with the issues on education and healthcare? He told Carlson that the good news for them was that they already had someone, Hilary has been working on these for 35 years. She has been dealing with this her whole life. McAuliffe says that answers Gretchen's question and message is more important than money and he thinks that applies to all of the candidates.

He said it's about what you're going to do and where you're going to take this country. He said that it's exciting because Hillary's message is spreading across the whole country.

Carlson asked him why she was the most admired woman in the country, yet, so many people dislike her?. McCauliffe said that they were in single digits when they came to Iowa on Jan 20 and was running 20 - 25 points behind John Edwards and as she had steadily gotten her message out, people have seen her and the more people see her they get her message.

McCauliffe said this, "Today Hillary Clinton beats every Republican in the general election easily." The music played and Carlson said, "All right, Terry."

Comments: This was one smart, strategic Democrat who faced Carlson. At every point he managed to get his statement, Sen Clinton's message, across. He turned her digs around and made them positive. If another Democrat goes on Fox, this is the way to handle them. Either that or request Gretchen Carlson to do your interview, all her disses fell flat. I like how when he said Hillary would beat all the Republicans in a national race, Carlson ended the segment.