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Shepard Smith Tells People To Get Out And Take Picture Of Loose Cougar

Reported by Donna - January 2, 2008 -

Smith on Studio B loves car chases and wild animals left out on the street. But what caught my ear was what he said to do about the loose cougar in Las Vegas.

Smith wanted people to leave their homes and go out and get a picture of the cougar.

Comment: Now, I know he gets a kick out of wild animals but he should not be suggesting that people leave wherever they are and take pictures of the cougar and send them to him. Who would approach a cougar to give a picture to Fox? He mentioned it a few times in the broadcast and he said he guesses people aren't as interesting to them as they are to him.

I wouldn't leave my building to get a picture of a loose cougar.At the end of the show he said he had the cougar on tv - didn't happen even though they had a helicopter up from a sister station. So, he still may get pictures of his cougar but giving out advice to go take pictures of a cougar isn't prudent. He came back to the footage and we still didn't see the cougar but finally Smith had the sense from the police to stay in their homes. Duh! You don't leave your building and probably caught the emails he was getting and got their sister station in Vegas to go out and all we saw were lawns.