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Fox Exploits 9/11 While Railing Against the Upcoming Movie -- Cloverfield -- For Exploiting 9/11

Reported by Melanie - January 2, 2008 -

On January 18, Paramount Pictures will release a new movie titled, "Cloverfield." According to the movie's website, it is about five young New Yorkers who gather for a party and then try to survive a monster attack that hits the city that evening. Wikipedia describes it as "a 2008 monster movie." But according to Neil Cavuto, it is "exploiting" 9/11. Since the movie hasn't been released yet, that's hard to know but what we do know is that through this segment Fox News exploited 9/11.

Cavuto's guest was Alice Hoagland who lost her son, Mark Bingham, on flight 93. Cavuto introduced Hoagland with,

Meanwhile, the Statue of Liberty decapitated in lower Manhattan [inaudible] people outraged today over this ad for Cloverfield. It's a movie that's coming out on January 18. For Americans everywhere, it's bringing back some painful memories of 9/11. My next guest says the movie is exploiting that tragedy. Alice Hoagland lost her son Mark that day. He was on board flight 93.

After nodding to Hoagland, Cavuto said, "So, you didn't like what you saw, right?"

Hoagland said, "Not very much. I'm afraid that this particular movie is taking advantage of the awful images of 9/11 and is doing it for its own profit. Unless the message is profound, unless it's talking about al Qaeda or one of al Qaeda's evil cousins, then it really should not be showing us images of the Statue of Liberty decapitated, beheaded and the images of lower Manhattan in flames."

Cavuto wondered, "What if they come around Alice and say, well, this is about aliens or monsters attacking Manhattan? This would be the result of that, having nothing to do with 9/11."

Hoagland talked briefly about some of the monster movies that have centered on Manhattan and then said, "but still, this particular poster image that I saw this morning for this movie was very hauntingly close to September 11 and I can't help thinking that they're really trying to gratuitously draw people in." She said she thinks it's "a mistake, it is a bad move for theater producers, ah, movie producers to take advantage of 9/11 in order to sell whatever it is it has to sell."

Here's video:

Comment: Leave it to be-afraid, be-very-very-afraid Fox News to produce a segment expressing outrage that somebody would show images of a "decapitated" Statue of Liberty, and take advantage of 9/11, to gratuitously draw people in in order to sell whatever it has to sell -- all while doing the same thing. Oh, and Fox did something else. On behalf of its sister company, 20th Century Fox, it trashed what looks like a hit movie soon to be released by one of its competitors.

Oh, and another thing. Remember the 2006 made for television move, "Flight 93?" Guess who produced it. Fox Television Studios. Ah yes, exploiting 9/11 is an awful thing, isn't it Fox?

January 2, 2008.