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Year End Hate Mail

Reported by Melanie - January 1, 2008 -

We didn't receive as much hate mail last month as we usually do. The haters must have been contemplating what the Prince of Peace would do or maybe they were busy shopping, like Bush told them to. Anyway, here's what drifted in. As always, the identity of the sender has been omitted but otherwise, the emails below are exact copies of the originals in our inbox, typos and all.

January 1, 2008

November 18, 2007

Subject: Fox News

oh yea like msnbc and cnn is for big brains like you huh. at fox you get both sides. thats the problem with you libs. you only want your point of view shown. anything else is neo con warmonger and simpletons. at least fox gives me a choice. libs are afraid of it because it triples any other news channels ratings and gives another side. Ill check out the site though thx.

November 20, 2007

Subject: Nugent

It's sad that you actually think, while Clinton is a known draft dodger and a bullshitting dummycrat, that you would think to bring up Nugent in the same sentence. Would you have like it if he or Hillary was in office post 9-11. Get off your high horse, grab your balls out of your wife's purse, and admit it. The only President that you ever loved lied under oath about getting a blow job. Sad.

December 10, 2007

Subject: I'd like to donate...

A pile of Dog shit for your castigation of Fox News! Throw in some Bear scat, too!

December 13, 2007

Subject: You guys are...

A bunch of fairies.

December 28, 2007

Subject: You Tube Biasm, STOP IT!

Lately the videos posted on Youtube are extremely bias, I hate Fox news because they're opinionated assholes but you're starting to show the same pattern

Which is worse, biased Right Wing Media or biased Left Wing Media

I was rather reviled to see your "opinion" on Marc Rudov on Fox News, I'm guessing whoever posted that video is female, he/she even "eliminated" the comment feature so I'm defiantly sure it was a female.

Funny how any man that challenges the EXTREME female entitlement culture is labeled some Women Hating chauvinist. She didn't even make any valid points, she just talked louder an brought up typical middle ground nonsense, I've seen the exact same thing on Sex With Emily episode 61 part 3, again more "talking points' that had ZERO relevance to what the topic was about.

The more you lash out talking shit about the Mens Movement, the more you alienate an chase away men, the vast majority of us already have our Thailand & Eastern Europe tourist fliers in our hands.

Disagreeing with Hitlary or any Left Wing politician doesn't make you a Right Wing Stooge.

Maybe you should look up the article - American Women Shaming Language

Not like you care, just ignore us an stick your nose up.

I've been treated like utter shit by American Women an the Mangina losers that put them up on pedestals, they're all vile consumer whore rapid animals.

If men have is SO fucking easy, then why do the vast majority of divorces favor the women, why do they keep spewing out the myth men make more than women when it's based on faulty research that was further hacked by the Feminazi womens groups. If women are equal to men, why does the term "affirmative action" exist. Explain why a bunch of lesbians are running around suing for child support after suckering some dumb fuck who donated sperm to them even thou they said he wouldn't have to. Why are countless women Thug Fucking, Why are countless women single moms, why are suddenly more & more boys failing in highly feminized schools, Why does a man still have to buy every fucking thing on a date,

Men have it easier?
Shove it up your ass!

Even that lesbian Author who disguised herself as a man for a year admitted men have it WAY harder emotionally & suffers more societal peer pressure. Now you know why so many men drink & commit suicide.

an finally how is it that a women can talk shit an a man will listen even if he totally disagrees with it while a if a man talks shit a women doesn't agree with, she'll just throw up her Bitch Shield an walk away.. goes to show where the "power base" is in the sexes.

Americans have lost all common sense and the ability to analyze data on a purely impartial field

Fox News vs. Michael Moore's F911, both full of lies, manipulated truths, an biased opinions.

American Culture = Liars!