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Trace Gallagher Continues His Un-Professional Ways, Dissing On John Edwards

Reported by Donna - December 31, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Trace Gallager filling in for Shepard Smith they spent a lot of time talking about the primaries coming up, talking about the Democrats and Republicans. All went back and forth and the conversation was pretty even, except the host, Trace Gallagher had to show his very partisan, face.

On one of the segments (there were a few), they talked about Huckabee and said he wasn't doing any negative ads but he ended up just showing one to reporters only. They said that Romney wouldn't stop his negative ads on Huckabee.

Bloomberg was mentioned quite a few times with excitement about him maybe thnking of running for president but Bloomberg keeps insisting he is not running. (Comment: Sounds like the Republicans are just not happy with anyone who is running for president.) Bob Beckel, pseudo Democratic stratestigist, who works for Fox said that if Bloomberg ran it would hurt the Democrats. But Beckel never builds up the fact that in national polling Hillary is beating them all (Republicans and Democrats) with a 43% national polling figure. It's mentioned in an offhand way on Fox. (Comment: See what I mean about pseudo Democratic strategists on Fox?)

The ugliness came in when the host, Trace Gallagher had to mention John Edward's $400 haircuts. It had nothing to do with the conversation.

Journalitsts (ha-ha on Fox) are supposed to be neutral, but as you know, reading here, that Fox doesn't use professional journalists and Gallagher had to get his little dig in. Did he put down a Republican candidate? No, we still don't know what everyone else pays for their haircuts.,

Comments: And you know what? I don't care - I want to know what stands the candidates are taking on policies, don't you? Do you want to know what a candidate pays for his trousers or blouses? No, I'm voting for my candidate based on his/her policies.