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Right-wing MRC source for FOX News segment

Reported by Chrish - December 31, 2007 -

This morning's FOX and Friends 12/31/07 featured a segment on "outrageous" quotes, where the quotes were read and viewers were supposed to guess who said it. All three quotes reinforced the FOX agenda items that the mainstream media supports liberals and hates the Bush administration. Source: Brent Bozell's Media Research Center, "The Leader in Documenting,Exposing and Neutralizing Liberal Media Bias." There was no corresponding item sourced from Mediamatters.org, or for that matter, from News Hounds, where we've amassed a stunning collection of stupidity, hostility, disregard for human rights and the US Constitution, and hatred for fellow Americans.

The first quote,

"When I watched [President Bill Clinton] at Mrs. King's funeral, I just have never seen anything like it...there are times when he sounds like Jesus in the temple. I mean, amazing ability to transcend ethnicity... in this country and, and speak to us all in this amazingly primordial way."

prompted Alisyn Camerota to say that the speaker (Chris Matthews) has a "man-crush" on the former President. Eliminated from the quote were the preface:
"I hate to pass on his lifestyle and questions like that, but ..."

and the follow-up:
"And that's the only good thing I'll say about him tonight. Okay."

But put in proper context it doesn't fit the Matthews-loves-Clinton lie that FOX loves to spread.

Next up was

"I'm just saying, if he did die, other people, more people, would live. That's a fact."

which was said about Dick Cheney by...Bill Maher, whose notably free thinking makes him anathema to lock-step Republicans. (I've always found it interesting that it's not brought up that exactly the same line of thinking was used to justify the ouster of Saddam Hussein and takeover of Iraq - probably because the war's execution has failed so dramatically and indeed caused the deaths of many more Iraqis than Hussein's brutal regime. But I digress.)

The third and final quote was

"Do you worry at all that non-believers may feel excluded and diminished at a time when we're divided by so much?"
That was Katie Couric to "Nativity Story" director and screenwriter about Hollywood films based on Biblical themes, which question won the MRC's "Perky Princess Award for Katie's cutesy comments."

The list of judges for the MRC's quote-voting reads like a who's who of right-wingerism with nary a moderate to be found, and the targets are all people in politics or the media who do not toe the Bush-lovin' party line.

The problem of bias lies not with the MRC, whose stated goal is the exact opposite of Media Matters, whose "Misinformer of the Year" has been replaced this year with "Misinformation of the Year." They're entitled, as are we.

The issue is FOX (of course), the self-proclaimed "fair and balanced" channel, citing an extreme right-wing website and a poll judged by many of FOX's regular right-wing guests and presenting it without also presenting the MM side or even the News Hounds poll results (which are not from any experts but rather from "the folks," readers of any affiliation or inclination.) Of course directing traffic to MM or News Hounds would expose F&F viewers to another take on things and people are harder to brainwash when they're given multiple ways to consider issues.

Poor, poor FOX viewers, deprived of perspective and fed a monotonous diet of right-wing talking points; their critical thinking skills will ultimately perish from mental malnutrition.