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FOX and Friends spins negative for Clinton from Chelsea's silence

Reported by Chrish - December 31, 2007 -

As I read the AP report on Rawstory.com last night 12/30/07 about Chelsea Clinton declining to talk to a young (9 years old) aspiring reporter, I considered how FOX would find a way to take a swipe at Hillary Clinton out of it. Sure enough, this morning on FOX and Friends (and later on FOX News Live and then on America's Newsroom) there were segments about the incident that misrepresented the younger Clinton. Not surprising from the gang who can't keep the Rodham family straight and just wants to create a negative for Hillary Clinton any way they can.

The AP story reports that

"Sydney Rieckhoff, a Cedar Rapids fourth grader and "kid reporter" for Scholastic News, has posed questions to seven Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls as they've campaigned across Iowa this year. But when she approached the 27-year-old Chelsea after a campaign event Sunday, she got a different response.

"Do you think your dad would be a good 'first man' in the White House?" Sydney asked, but Chelsea brushed her question aside.

"I'm sorry, I don't talk to the press and that applies to you, unfortunately. Even though I think you're cute," Chelsea told the pint-sized journalist."

The article goes on to explain that

"Tall and attractive, Chelsea cuts an impressive figure on the campaign trail; she plunges enthusiastically into the crowd after her mother's speeches, shaking hands and posing for pictures while asking, "Are you going to caucus for my mom?"

But onstage, Chelsea never speaks; she stands next to her mother and applauds but utters not a single sentence and doesn't even say hello. And reporters covering the campaign have been put on notice that Chelsea is not available to speak to them. An aide follows the former first daughter as she works the crowd, shushing reporters who approach her and try to ask any questions."

Steve Doocy, however, reported (over the chyron "Chelsea disses kid reporter") that "everybody wants to ask her questions, and she does answer a lot of questions. Until a nine-year-old kid, who's...a reporter for Scholastic magazine, asked what kind of a "first man" her dad would make, and Chelsea Clinton had a very pointed answer to that..."

They pulled up the exact quote, as above, over a chyron reading "Chelsea Clinton snubs 9-year-old."

Kilmeade said the poor kid had the wind taken out of her, although in a subsequent live interview later on FNL she shrugged it off and didn't seem upset in the least. The Friends went on to talk about what an impact this would have on a child, implying she would need a psychologist to get over being "blown off" by someone like Chelsea Clinton.

Ultimately the truth came out from Alisyn Camerota, that Chelsea never ever speaks to the press but not until the talking point was emphasized about how mean Clinton had been to a child. The Friends speculated on whether she was just very shy, or had her parents forbid her to speak to the press? (She's 27 years old, for crying out loud. Her parents can't forbid anything.) Camerota wondered if they've been burned by the press, and Brian Kilmeade, ever one to blurt out the inadvertant truths, giggled that he thinks they feel that they've been burned by the press, no doubt about it, but Camerota covered by saying "some people" think they've gotten a pass from the press.

Spin, spin, spin. Just another pebble in the anti-Clinton wall.