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I Just Canceled My Subscription to the New York Times

Reported by Melanie - December 29, 2007 -

I have subscribed to home delivery of the Sunday New York Times for ten years. As a matter of fact, I renewed my yearly subscription just the other day.

Ah, the Times. I sat through Judith Miller's lies. I worried about freedom of the press and freedom of speech but I gave the Times a second chance when it bowed to the Bush administration and withheld information that might "threaten our national security." I bit my lip when it condescended to the Bushies and rewrote subtitles -- to name but a few of the things that broke my heart and my trust. But hiring Bill Kristol? No. That's it.

Kristol already has a mega-mega phone via his Weekly Standard magazine and his stint on Fox News, not to mention his appearance as an "expert" all across the media landscape.

We need new voices. Fresh voices. We've all had enough of the 40 (or so) worn out, chattering class spinners we see every day, everywhere, all the time.

Rupert Murdoch said his aim is to either destroy or buy the New York Times (same difference). With this move -- abandoning its "base" -- the Times undoubtedly made Murdoch's day, and hastened its eventual demise.