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We'll never know what killed Benazir Bhutto

Reported by Chrish - December 28, 2007 -

This morning on FOX a myriad of possibilities was presented as to what killed Benazir Bhutto, but since (according to Muslim tradition) her body is already entombed, and the crime scene was hosed down hours after the assassination, we'll never know who or what killed her.

Various reports said she received two gunshots (a third allegedly missed) from a handgun, to the neck and upper back/chest, which damaged her spinal cord and that's what killed her. Another said that as she fell after being shot, she hit her head on the SUV's roof and cracked her skull, which is what killed her. Brian Kilmeade reported she was, unfortunately, in a lot of pain; Alisyn Camerota said she was unconscious the whole time.

Doocy asserted that some security analyst told him there were metal detectors at the rally (but on the streets??) so someone on the inside, on her security detail, had to have been complicit. Supposedly a young, slender male was the shooter - odds are huuuuge, to coin a Doocy phrase, that that's true. The absence of women and heavyset people is always apparent in photos and videos from that area.

Doocy concluded that portion of the segment saying that finally they heard that "Benazir Bhutto, the woman who most definitely probably would have been the next Prime Minister" was dead.

This graphic was presented as a visual aid:


All we know for sure is that whoever planned her murder was not taking any chances that she'd survive.