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Steve Doocy ignores facts of nuclear Pakistan, promotes fear instead

Reported by Chrish - December 28, 2007 -

FOX and Friends hosted Mansoor Ijaz this morning 12/28/07 for his perspective on the Bhutto assassination and the current state of chaos in his ancestral home Pakistan. Ijaz, who has donated to various Democratic candidates and organizations, nonetheless has many ties to a wide range of conservative and neo-con endeavors. This morning he appeared to be a voice of reason but later in the program Steve Doocy disregarded his somewhat reassuring information to further the fear factor.

Mansoor stated his opinion that Pakistan's Musharraf should postpone the elections for a month or two to allow the People's Party represented by Benazir Bhutto to regroup and offer another candidate, and allow him/her to campaign. He'd like to see as many candidates as possible, to invigorate the process - which is what we Americans paid for with our $10 billion in US aid, so far.

He thought it important to clarify the one risk that we really face from a chaotic nuclear Pakistan. The weapons themselves are (like ours) not assemled and ready to go. The command and control system (which we paid for) resembles our own. It would take a lot of people conspiring together to launch a nuclear strike. The real danger is the unregulated (Pakistan is not a signator to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) fissile material falling into the wrong hands in the case of an Islamist military coup, allowing "dirty bombs" to fall into terrorists' hands. We need to assist the government of Pakistan in regulating and tracking this material.

Less than an hour later Steve Doocy, talking with FOX News Producer Sib Kaifee in Pakistan about the protests and the "shoot at sight" orders in some cities in southern Pakistan, characterized said protesters as "troublemakers" and noted that things are very unstable there. "The reason we're worried in this country is, and people around the world should be worried, is that Pakistan has in their arsenal 60 nukes. During this time of instability, who's keeping an eye on their bombs?"

Kaifee answered that as always, they were in military safekeeping and all the weapons sites are not even known to the CIA, so how could someone in Tora Bora or a militant in the mountains know?

Returning to the "shoot on sight" orders, Alisyn Camerota asked if Musharraf was imposing martial law? Kaiffee reminded her that Musharraf was no longer head of the military and no longer has that authority.

This is a complicated situation but is it too much to ask for the hosts of a 'news' program to keep a few key facts straight?