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John Gibson Has No Problem Using Benazir Bhutto's Death for Campaigning

Reported by Deborah - December 28, 2007 -

John Gibson wasted no time with respectful reticence yesterday, 12/27. He had no problem, at all, using Benazir Bhutto as a campaign tool for the Republicans in his My Word commentary. The essence of his message was simply vote Republican or die.

After pointing out that Bhutto's assassination was an attack on America, he made his campaign pitch.

"So even though today's carnage was on the other side of the planet, it really did strike close to home, and all Americans should be worried about what happens now. The way Americans can deal with this crisis is to carefully consider their vote. This election is about the same issue the last election was about... the War on Terror. It's not about health care, and as important as our economy is, it's not about that either.

We need someone who has the strength of mind and the resolve to see through an ugly fight that will have to be fought. It's not a choice. The people who killed Bhutto would kill you too, and if the next president gives them a chance, they will do it."

comment: I think I remember Gibson saying the same thing in 2004. That deja vu stuff is tricky.

Full Transcript of MY Word 12/27/07