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Trace Gallagher Gets Shouted Down By Guest Over Who Killed Bhutto

Reported by Donna - December 27, 2007 -

Trace Gallagher, filling in for Shepard Smith today on Studio B spoke with Husain Haqqani, a friend of Benizir Bhutto. Haqqani has also been an advisor to Pakistan ambassadors and is a trusted journalist.

Gallagher asked Haqqani if Bhutto was fearful of the security detail. Haqqani said she certainly was. She asked for an international security service and Mushariff said no. Haqqani said that he didn't know if Gallagher had seen the pictures of the crime scene but they had fire engines washing down the crime scene. so that no forensic evidence is left. Huqqani said this made the security feel like "what the heck, if they get her there's no skin off of our nose."

Huqqani said it made him wonder how she could have been killed in the city that housed the general headquarters of the army. Huqqani said that all day the media has been talking about Musharaff when the only other well known person in Pakistan was Bhutto and her elmination does make it a one horse race.

Gallagher said in fairness that when Bhutto was living in exile in England there were people in Pakistan who had given her death threats so there were Islamic terrorists who dislikied her and there were two sides to this story. (Comment: Wow, Gallagher solved the murder already - it was Islamic terrorists- he's so good)

Haqqani became insistant that no, there were not two sides to this story. Haqqani said if someone does not respond to a victims pleas for security, that is negligence at the very least. Bhutto identified people in the government that she suspected of being complicit with the terrorists. He added that Musharaff should have removed those individuals and investigated them. Haqqani said that Musharaff said no he would not investigate, this does not matter. He added that security devices were faulty. Haqqani also said that the people who were her security were the same people who had prosecuted her when she was in opposition.

Gallagher interupted and said that the evidence would come out.

Haqqani grew angry and started to shout that the evidence would not come out. Haqqani said the evidence would not come out. He said he saw evidence of images himself on CNN of them hosing it down. He said he saw the fire engines come and hose it down instead of the police coming and collecting every piece of evidence, every dead body, every piece of evidence. Every little piece of evidence that should have been collected, it was hosed down. He said with due respect that the evidence was not going to come out, that many Pakistani political murdeers of this type have never had the evidence come out.

This was when Gallagher cut off the interview and said he had to go. And, boy, did he get out of there quick.

Comment: This was one of those moments when the host thought he would control the interview but the guest did. He thought he just had a friend of Bhutto's but Haqqani is a trusted journalist and has been an assistant to prime ministers. Haqqani wasn't going to let the interview be handled by Gallagher who was trying to say that Islamic terrorists killed Bhutto. Haqqani wanted it out there what happens in a corrupt Pakistan, that elections that would have been held next week were now gone because it was a one horse race.

It was exciting to watch this man shout over Gallagher and tell the truth about Bhutto and Musharaff. Gallagher acted like he wanted the murder to be done by Islamic militants that way it leaves Mushariff off the hook. This is Bush's ally, Musharaff, who's been unable to find Osama Bin Laden for 5 years. Yet we have a person of this high profile who cannot be protected in the city that housed the general headquarters of the army. Musharaff is a dictator who is Bush's ally. Though he layed down his army uniform, he still rules the country and his only competition was assasinated today. You put the picture together.

Guess Fox wasn't showing that video of the fire engines hosing down the evidence like CNN did.

And Bush still hasn't learned the word 'diplomacy.'