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Oliver North Declares Mission Accomplishing In Iraq

Reported by Ellen - December 27, 2007 -

Even though Iraq was not a threat to the United States when we invaded in 2003, FOX News' Lt. Col. Oliver North has declared that Americans have been given a gift of freedom thanks to triumph in Iraq. Yes, though he says nothing about withdrawing our troops, North has declared the war won... almost.

In his recent, but undated column on FOXNews.com, North wrote,

Though you may not have noticed it beneath your tree, the troops here have sent you a gift that is far more valuable than a new hand tool or iPod. It’s a present that they made by hand, with extraordinary care so that you can use it every day for the rest of your life — and that your children can use after you are gone. Haven’t heard about this gift? It’s no wonder. As things turned around here in the “land between the rivers” — Iraq disappeared from America’s televisions and dropped off the front pages of our newspapers.

North spent another few paragraphs decrying the mainstream media for its pessimism about the surge and not-so-coincidentally lumped it together with Osama bin Laden.

The potentates of the press proclaimed that the additional troops were “too little too late.” Radical Islamic web sites agreed — and predicted that the toll of dead and wounded would force the Americans to abandon Iraq just as they quit Vietnam, Beirut and Somalia. Osama bin Laden declared that the “American infidels” were being “driven from Mesopotamia.”

But, according to North, we are now winning the war. “The ‘surge’ in combat power – and trainers — has changed everything,” he wrote. In his trip to Iraq this month, “We have documented stunning progress in bringing security and civil law and order to this country. This week, Basra Province reverted to full Iraqi control as British troops completed their withdrawal from Iraq’s southernmost prefecture.” He went on to brag about dining with the new leader of the Sunni reconciliation movement and shopping for Christmas presents at the souk without a flak jacket or helmet.

“The momentum is in the right direction,” Major General Rick Lynch, Commanding General of Task Force Marne, told me — and his troops know it. This year the 3rd Infantry Division, perhaps the most committed unit is the U.S. Army, exceeded its reenlistment goal by a whopping 17 percent. As one young officer put it, “There is still fighting to be done, but the troops don’t ‘re-up’ for a losing battle.”

So when are the troops coming home? Not yet. As much as North says we’re winning, it’s exactly how vague he is about much longer until we’re done.

So, your Christmas present — the triumph we are now witnessing in Iraq — is not quite finished, but the troops are sending it to you anyway. This country’s neighbors are less than enthusiastic about a democracy next door. We have seen the sophisticated IEDs and rockets that Iran builds and sends into Iraq to kill and maim. Though Iraqi oil production now exceeds pre-2003 levels, the democratically-elected government in Baghdad isn’t doing enough to rebuild the country’s crumbling infrastructure. From the ground up, this country is being transformed more rapidly than anyone believed possible and America is gaining a new ally in the struggle against radical Islamic terror.

Yeah, right. I'm sure that any day now Iraq will be fighting side by side with our troops in Afghanistan. By the way, North is a convicted liar.