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Non-stop Bhutto coverage

Reported by Chrish - December 27, 2007 -

FOX News, like cable counterparts CNN and MSNBC, is covering the Bhutto assassination non-stop this morning/early afternoon 12/27/07. CNN affiliate Headline News is reporting other news items from the US and around the world, so once you're saturated with the few known facts surrounding the assassination and tired of all the predictable commentary and speculation there's somewhere to go for other news.

At one point Harris Faulkner went to Major Garrett in Iowa covering the Democratic candidates and asked him "Who does this help the most politically today?" Oy vey.

Garrett first said (essentially) that none of them would be so crass as to immediately exploit the shocking news, but went on to detail how each of them - well, Clinton, Obama, and Edwards - would conflate their ongoing campaign messages with this turn of events. Overall what hurts all the candidates is the overriding coverage that this story will get, which will effectively push them out of the headlines during this crucial last week before the Iowa caucuses.

Comment: A sterling example of the problem with just a few corporations gatekeeping the news flow. We don't need 24/7 coverage of Bhutto's murder on all 3 networks but like all "major stories," we are overdosed and left ignorant about the rest of the day's events. TG for the Internet.

Garrett managed to squeeze in that Hillary Clinton, with her "experience message," wants to turn this to her advantage more than the other top-tier candidates (that cold calculating unlikeable beeyotch).

Faulkner backed off after his comments, saying "no one wants to benefit from this tragedy."